Forensic Investigations and Valuation


S&A’s Forensic Investigations and Valuation services aim to help clients prevent fraud and compliance issues triggered by gaps in any processes or by someone’s mal intention or due to loopholes in technologies implemented in businesses. The service aims to detect the discrepancies at an early stage to minimise financial and reputational loss/damage. We leverage the latest tools and technology and create solutions to prevent, detect and act on any fraud or compliance-related issues. While acting on prevention, the service also offers legal representation, through our legal experts, where required.

S&A is the only law firms in India to provide a full range of forensic services and have one of the largest forensic investigations and valuation department with a dedicated team of 30 highly skilled professionals, who are the industry leaders of forensic investigations and valuations experts, coming with a demonstrable track record of working across a variety of industries, jurisdictions and forums, to provide exemplary services. few.

Anti-bribery and Corruption

As bribery and corruption are one of the biggest issues companies face, organisations need robust compliance frameworks that fulfil the requirements of various Law Enforcement agencies across the world. Our investigative consulting specialists have the experience to identify potentially questionable business activities with the help of data analytics, personal interviews, and transaction and process review.

Fraud Risk Assessment Services

Our approach to the Fraud risk Management can help organisations in identifying areas prone to fraud and how to strengthen such areas by implementing effective counter-fraud mechanisms through policies, system controls and effective and regular training to employees.

Corporate Intelligence Services

Our Corporate Intelligence Services team helps businesses in understanding and mitigating risks involved in starting a business relation with new companies, vendors and individuals before the commencement of the said business relationship. This service includes Third-Party Due Diligence, Senior Management Due Diligence, Operational Risk Assessment and Investigative Due Diligence.

Anti-Money Laundering Services

Money laundering is a colossal risk any bank or financial institute faces in recent times. With the growing focus of global regulators on actions taken on such transactions, the challenge is no longer confined to identifying the potential red flag transactions or KYC screening. These days it is crucial for the financial institutions on how they handle and close such transactions by timely reporting them to the regulators. For such timely identification and reporting, we work closely with prominent service providers in providing financial institutes with “Smart Alert Monitoring Solution”. We also help clients with AML risk assessment, compliance and internal control assessment, AML awareness training and Money-laundering investigations.

AI-driven Solutions (SaaS)

Using our extensive experience across domains, we provide clients with a bouquet of automated and semi-automated solutions (SaaS – Software as a Service) which are customisable as per client requirement and helpful in monitoring business remotely with the highest level of integrity.

Financial Modelling, Valuation and Claim Computation Services

Being one of the largest commercial disputes and arbitration practice Law firms in India, we help clients with complex tangible and intangible assets valuation and claim and loss computation. Our dedicated team of economists, chartered accountants and engineers create complex financial models to arrive at right values. We have vast industry experience in areas like Infrastructure, Real Estate, Power, Steel, Metal-Mining, to name a few.

Disputes and Litigation Support

Our team can assist expert litigators in the analysis of the financial data and provide valuable insights to identify relevant risks. We have experience in handling a wide array of large and complex disputes such as claims from joint venture partners or vendors, valuation disputes, buyer and seller side disputes etc.

Corporate Fraud and Misconduct

Our approach to detect fraud and misconduct involves understanding the issue and collecting information, acquiring and preserving evidence using methodologies admissible in the court of law and eventually assist in reporting the fraud and legal proceedings if required. These include digital evidence recovery, forensic data analytics, background search, window dressing and investigative interview with suspects and any other relevant personnel of the company.

E-Discovery Services

Identification, preservation, analysis and representation in the court of law are the crucial parts of any forensic investigation. We follow global standards in conducting forensic investigations which are admissible in the courts of law across the globe. Our E-discovery experts are all experienced professionals with international certifications in widely used tools and platforms.

Fraud Data Analytics

Our forensic data analytics team uses the latest tools available in the industry to link multiple sources of data and help in connecting dots to get to the bottom of fraudulent activity. It also helps in quantifying potential financial damages which the company may have suffered. We analyse all types of financial data, including accounts payable and receivables, inventory, sales, journal entries, transportation data, to name a few.

Forensic Audit and Asset Tracing Support

Due to the rise in fraudulent cases in India, all banks and financial institutes undertake forensic audit and asset tracing activities for their Non-performing Assets. Our team has expertise in handling large Forensic Audits and Asset Tracing exercise for large PSUs and private banks in India.

Merger & Acquisition Forensics

Our experts help clients and large private equity players during both pre and post-investment. We help both the buyers’ and sellers’ side with VDD (Vendor Due Diligence) and FDD (Financial Due Diligence) from a forensic point of view. We help clients in assessing various compliance-related matters including bribery and corruptions, related party transactions and conflict of interest.