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Securities Market

The firm provides expert legal advice to its clients regarding investments in the Securities Market and compliances to be made with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) with respect to listed and unlisted companies.

SEBI, in its constant endeavor to enhance the level of investors’ protection, increase the transparency and efficiency of the securities market, to strengthen the norms for the companies and to rationalize and simplify various operational procedures in the securities market so as to facilitate raising of resources by the issuer companies, takes various initiatives.

The firm guides its clients in ensuring that all the legal aspects of a matter are flawlessly catered and assists in taking care of various SEBI rules, regulations and guidelines related to issues such as Securities contract regulations, Buy Back of securities, corporate governance related compliances including listing agreements in listed companies, Delisting of securities, Derivatives trading, Foreign Investment issues including Foreign Institutional Investor and Venture Capital Investors related issues, interest liabilities, Securities lending and borrowing, Investor Protection, Mutual Funds, Securities Transaction Tax, Takeover regulations, transfer of shares, unfair trade practices etc.

The firm renders its expert advice and assists its clients in case a company intends to land into the primary market by taking care of various compliances to be made such as:

  • Fulfilling of the eligibility norms and DIP guidelines
  • Compliances relating to the Book building guidelines
  • Disclosure requirements in the offer documents
  • Requirements pertaining to issue of debt instruments
  • Other operational and procedural guidelines.


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