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Employment Laws

Labor and Service law is a broad area of the law that covers the relationship between groups of employees, organized into unions, and employers, that is, management. Singh & Associates law firm has a long history of representing major employers locally and internationally in fields of collective bargaining, labor arbitration, labor disputes, labor legislation and regulation, labor relations board proceedings, unfair labor practices, union relations and wage and hour laws.

Singh & Associatesí Labor and Service Law experts counsel clients in every area of labor and employment law. In addition to traditional labor work, the firm has extensive experience in all aspects of employment litigation, including trial work. Often, our attorneys are called upon to prepare and review employment policies and procedures manuals to ensure compliance with the law of the State.

The Labor and Service Law experts of Singh & Associates law firm believe in an approach that prevents problems and improves our client's profitability. Regular onsite and telephonic discussions related to current and future employment practices are the bane of our relationship with our clients. Client feedback indicates that regular consultation is the most cost effective use of legal services and costly legal entanglements can be pre-empted and avoided by this approach.

Various preventive and cost-effective methods are used by our Labor and Service Law experts. Reviewing of our clients' compliance status in employment practice and employee benefit programs is an example of how we help our clients to prevent any labor related litigation. These reviews are designed to maximize employee benefits in monetary terms as well as to avoid costly legal problems. Labor and Service Law experts of our law firm have been very successful in representing and preserving our clients' interests in union organizing campaigns, employment law litigation matters, etc. On the other hand the preventive law philosophy stated above is the USP of our practice.

Singh & Associates law firm is also involved in providing more traditional legal services. Our law firmsí litigation practice ranges from proceedings before state and governmental agencies, to trials at all levels of state and other courts. We have been actively advising and helping our clients against all types of employment discrimination and wrongful discharge claims and other tort matters. We have also worked for and advised local, regional and national level employers on a variety of legal, regulatory and human resources issues that affect their employment planning, policies and procedures.

Our attorneys take a strategic approach to every engagement, helping employers in:

  • Counseling businesses on union avoidance strategies
  • managing labor representation elections, including union decertification;
  • negotiating union contracts and collective bargaining agreements;
  • preparing strike responses;
  • arbitrating grievances;

Various Areas covered under our practice include:

  • Pro-Active Litigation Prevention
  • Employment Discrimination and Wrongful Discharge
  • Labor Relations
  • Wage & Hour Laws
  • Audit Services
  • Company Training and Policy Development

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