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Due diligence

Due Diligence is a bottleneck in completing a transaction in a timely manner. Itís a must-have in any deal, but can be a time-consuming and laborious process for all parties involved. While you want to be prudent in your investigation, you often times canít properly focus on the management of the transaction while also catering to the requests of interested stakeholders. Singh & Associates firm as a due diligence firm is prepared to effectively manage your due diligence process with the purpose of expediting your desired transaction and ensuring a thorough collection and investigation of pertinent data and documents. We collect and manage your due diligence information and combine it into readable due diligence binders. Our professional advisors will work with you to gather the information that is most important to you in making a final ďgo or no goĒ decision on a deal.

Whether youíre an investor contemplating an investment in a privately-held company or an entrepreneur looking to secure equity or debt financing, Singh & Associates law firm can help you speed up the transaction time by guiding you through the due diligence process and managing the data that is most important to you.

Whether your transaction is a multi-property mega-deal or a small, single-parcel closing, the due-diligence period is a critically important opportunity for buyers to identify and evaluate potential environmental concerns and expenses. Singh & Associates is an international firm of corporate law experts with a special focus on predictive risk management. We provide our customers with a professional service in all areas of corporate law.

Our due diligence services are comprehensive, including the planning, co-ordination and control of the legal due diligence process related to the transaction target, requests for supplementary materials, management interviews, customized investigations and reports on key areas, reports on all findings plus summaries, and the data room.

We recognize that the scope of due diligence should be tailored based on a variety of factors, including the overall value of the transaction, the importance of the technology, and the anticipated and related risks. We coordinate closely with our clients to structure due diligence to meet their needs efficiently.

Our due diligence services include:

  • Preliminary investigation into the reputations, associations and activities of potential partners, investors or key hires;
  • Confirming or refuting allegations and rumors of criminal or questionable business practices;
  • Identifying, early on in the deal process, any undisclosed liabilities or questionable financial reporting;
  • Researching unusual offshore structures and unexplained vehicles associated with potential merger, acquisition, or joint venture targets;
  • Clarifying the nature of relationships between target companies and various individuals, including government officials.

Tools of Investigation include:

  • Asset tracing and recovery;
  • Identification and investigation of internal fraud;
  • Computer forensics in support of investigations;
  • Identification, development, and recruitment of sources to assist with difficult investigations;
  • Objective assessments of client internal security procedures with a focus on safeguarding information management controls and protecting against intellectual property theft.


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