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A design refers to the features of shape, configurations, patterns, ornamentation and composition of lines or colours applied to an article, in two or three dimensional (or both) forms. In India the design registration & protection is governed by the Designs Act, 2000 and the Designs Rules, 2001. To prepare and file a Design Application in India, the following information/documents are required

  • Application duly filed in on the prescribed form along with the prescribed fees, stating name in full, address, nationality, name of the article, class number, address for service in India. The application shall also be signed either by the applicant or by his authorized agent.
  • Representations of the article. Drawings/sketches showing the features of the design from different views and state the view (e.g. front or side).
  • A statement of novelty and disclaimer (if any) in respect of mechanical action, trademark, word, letter, numerals should be endorsed on each representation sheet which should be duly signed and dated
  • Power of attorney
  • Priority documents (if any) in case of convention application claimed under Section 44 of the Designs Act, 2000

Procedure flowchart for Design registration:


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