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Our services under copyright law include applications for registration and copyright litigations.

In India, Copyright subsists in following classes of work:

  • original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works;
  • cinematograph films; and
  • sound recordings

Originality of the work is the prime test for the grant of Copyright. Also for the above classes copyright subsists only:

  • if in the case of published work, the work is published in India or where the work is published outside India the author was at the date of publication citizen of India;
  • in case of unpublished work, the author at the date of making the work is citizen of India or domiciled in India;
  • in case of work of architecture the work is located in India

Copyright also subsists in translations, abridgements or compilations of such works, provided the permission of the Copyright holder is obtained. Computer programmes are considered as literary works and are protected under the Copyright Act. There is no copyright of an idea


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